has officially gone live, and on Sept. 17th, and 18th, Shades of Ewe Fibreworks will be vending at Woolstock East!

Strangely it’s the first time I finally feel like my business is real and tangible. Maybe that seems a bit strange to say, 18 months after registering the business, but when I started Shades of Ewe in February 2020, I had no idea of the fun and games that would happen due to Covid. 

I had started the business with grand plans as to which fibre events I would go to, hoping to gain awareness of my business…..  and that didn’t exactly happen!

Fibre shows and craft events didn’t happen at all in Nova Scotia in 2020. 

As no events were happening, I didn’t do a lot of stuff to prepare for in person shows; No banners got ordered, no displays got built. Instead I focused on business education and online courses around spinning and dyeing techniques. All were really good uses of my time, but all of it was backend stuff. Working on the business, not in the business.

Today, as I’m putting final touches on my display racks, and test loading my car (all the wool did fit) it all finally feels tangible; I will be going to a fibre event, not as a shopper, but as a vendor! I will finally be with my fibre tribe again, and they will finally see what I’ve been making! I can’t wait!