About Shades of Ewe Fibreworks

Founded in 2020, Shades of Ewe Fibreworks makes hand-dyed, wool based fibre arts supplies for crafters and fibre artists to use in their spinning, felting and rug hooking. Using both commercial fibres and hand-selected fleeces, Shades of Ewe produces hand-painted wool braids and various types of art batts, as well as featuring Nova Scotian, and Canadian wools.

My extensive knowledge of dyeing, spinning techniques and breed specific wools helps create unique colourways and unusual fibre blends that are exciting for people to create with. I also offer private spinning lessons and a variety of spinning classes throughout the year, at several local knitting and fibre shops.


About Lorna Ash

In 2010 I began dyeing wool fabric for rug hooking and loved that I could produce the exact colours that I needed. In 2014, while searching for textured art yarn for a rug, I discovered a woman spinning her own yarn in a local yarn shop. She kindly gave me a quick lesson, and I found myself fascinated: the variety of yarns she could make was amazing, and the act of spinning itself was so meditative! Not long after that I learned how to spin yarn in colours and textures that I love, and I applied the dyeing knowledge I already had to dyeing my own fibre for spinning.

With my love of researching what interests me, I focused on educating my self on spinning & dyeing techniques, all the different types of wool fibre, and honing my dyeing skills. Over time, these hobbies became a passion, and I found myself being asked to help friends learn to spin and to dye wool for others. The combination of being a life-long crafter, having a variety of hobbies become a passion and my background in science and adult education all combined to become Shades of Ewe Fibreworks.

While I am mostly a self-taught spinner, my education in biological sciences has resulted in me gobbling up every bit of spinning knowledge I can get my hands on. Over time, the experiences I’ve gained with spinning and dyeing has interwoven with my background to become the basis for Shades of Ewe Fibreworks.